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The best piece of toast in the world.

March 31, 2012


So I have had a severe eye infection the past couple of days .How do I know its severe ? Well anything that compels a doctor to push a paper clip up your eye to flip your eyelid over is classified severe in my books , and I am usually quite a resilient person ...

Would you give up your birthday ?

March 31, 2012


I'd like to ask you one simple question , Would you give up your birthday for a good cause ?

Bread and Butter , so what’s the big deal ?

March 30, 2012


What about the time when you were caught deeply concentrating on that last piece of buttered bread on your sibling's plate , half expecting the bread to be miraculously left uneaten so you could "help" your sibling with the left overs..

No stories , No quotes and certainly no food for thought today…

March 29, 2012


Oh you wandered in and wanted to know what’s this new thing I have tried , well I can tell you its not a recipe and its certainly not a new quote I discovered , its a new theme in case you hadn’t figured that out already ! Just switching things up a bit and […]

One Unknown and a Life Without Limits

March 28, 2012


Perfection isn't always perfect ... This story is one of great courage and character reminding us that there is nothing that can stop us from being who we are meant to be, from living a life without limits.

Oh iPhone , how I love to hate you..

March 25, 2012


Siri is a great addition and a definite step up in the game , heck it is possibly what convinced me to go with the 4s over the Galaxy SII , having said that I HATE that I have only but used itbut a total of umm 15 times and it refuses to assist me with finding the closest chinese restaurant because I speak with an Australian accent .

Why is it so important to show the people we love , that we love them ?

March 24, 2012


Give those hugs , write that email you have been meaning to , have that coffee with a girlfriend ,read your children those bed time stories , kiss them goodnight , make that phone call to your mum ..

30 days , 30 posts and 60 followers ….Not bad I reckon !

March 23, 2012


So I am not telling the world but I am secretly very thrilled about this..

Sometimes we forget..

March 22, 2012


You know those times when you wish you could just curl up under the blanket and sleep all day ....haha do I see a few furious nods there ?

24 hours of food provision , no questions asked !

March 22, 2012


Horrified at the thought of being classified as a cruel mum , becoming the subject of playground heart to hearts or the fab 2 being scarred for life , I lift my game..

Do good to feel good…

March 21, 2012


What appeals to me is that their agenda is so selfless and simple , uniting people from all across the world

Failure too , is a part of winning…

March 19, 2012


We must be proud of the successes but also have the courage within us to embrace the failures and learn from them come back stronger, mightier , only then it is that we have truly lived....

Sunday Rituals and Simmering Potpourri..

March 18, 2012


Sundays are wonderful...

Deliciously moist apple cakes

March 18, 2012


Sometimes you find a recipe that's a bit too special and it sticks with you , these apple cakes are exactly as the name suggests , deliciously , moist and super special...