Purple Prettiness

Posted on March 3, 2012


Everyone who knows me well knows that I treat gift wrapping like an art form , in fact ,¬†between you and me, I think people secretly look forward to receiving a present from me just so they can show the exquisite wrapping off to their friends , oh take that sheepish grin off your face that was just a joke ! No really , it was ……n’t

Unique , pretty wrapping doesn’t have to be complex or exorbitant , pictured above is a hamper I prepared for a mum to be . The baby ofcourse being a little girl thus the purple prettiness.

To achieve the look pictured above , you will need :

  • A medium sized white rattan square or oval basket ( new mums love these because they can later be used as storage for the baby or even as a sub to keep in the lounge for quick nappy changes )
  • 2 bags ( about 8 oz each ) of shredded tissue or crepe basket fillers ( you can opt to have two different colors to add more detail to your hamper )
  • 1 metre of soft silver speckled purple netting ( easily available from craft and fabric stores )
  • 1 inch thick purple curling ribbon
  • 1 faux crystal ornament ( available at most craft stores )
  • A few thick elastic bands
  • Craft stapler

The basket can be filled with many different items that may be useful to a new mum and the baby – I will share an extensive list in an upcoming post soon but to give you an idea , a few of these items are :

  • Baby face washers
  • Baby wraps
  • Baby grooming pack
  • Singlets ( baby vests )
  • Mittens
  • Booties
  • Baby rattle

What next ?

  • Stuff the base of the basket with the shredded basket fillers .
  • Place all the items in the basket ensuring they are well spaced out and products are clear and visible from the top . If you have a few baby wraps , they can be softly draped over the corners of the basket to create a different look . Toys like rattles or baby socks can also be hung off a corner.
  • Lay out the speckled netting on a flat surface.
  • Place the prepared basket on the netting and gather all corners of the netting towards the top of the basket.
  • Secure the netting with a few rubber bands leaving 2-3 inches of the netting at the top
  • Lose ends of netting around the corners of the basket can be stapled in to avoid gaps from showing through .
  • Tie the curling ribbon around the neck of the netting and create curls leaving long trails to the front of the basket.
  • As a final finishing touch , tie a little charm / ornament to the ribbon , I have used a small crystal ball .

And that’s a wrap :)

Feel free to shoot questions or comments…

Cheers !