The winning formula…

Posted on March 7, 2012


Greatness is not achieved by never falling but by rising each time we fall – Confucius








How much and to what extent should we ingrain a winning and competitive mindset as we mould a child’s character ?

Earlier this week , a friend and I discussed this subject at great length and I’d like to share some of our thoughts .
It seems everyone wants their child to be a straight As , multiple award winning high achiever , no less will do . Fair enough , we have worked on them and given them everything possible , it is the child’s responsibility to produce an all a’s report card term after term after term . One little slip up and there is the ever looming threat of losing nintendo privileges for weeks and so they soldier on.Then there those of us who try to live a glorious childhood vicariously through our children thereby unintentionally and perhaps even unknowingly trying to over compensate for what we never got when we were younger .

And if the school and parental pressure wasn’t enough, we go ahead and add extra curricular activities to the mix , now don’t get me wrong , I love having my children involved in an activity they enjoy but seriously , they don’t need to be doing something every single night of the week . They are children after all , give them and yourselves a little time to breathe.

In this unending race for perfection and getting it right, what role do we play as parents , family members , educators , role models or mentors in reassuring our children that failure too is part of a winning mindset , and that little steps count as much as the big strides . That sometimes , winning may also mean letting go ..

My question to you is how much is too much ? How do you strike a balance in your child’s and what is your formula of a winning mindset ?

Do you remember to praise the progress , not the perfection ?

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