Say Cheese !

Posted on March 8, 2012


They say a child’s smile is one of life’s greatest blessings and indeed so . There is nothing quite as heart warming as their beautiful smiles … Eyes twinkling , sometimes with wonder , other times with happiness and mischief..
I must admit ( and hope that my sons never ever read this blog post ) , I sometimes pretend to be in another room just so I can eavesdrop on my kids conversations – I thoroughly enjoy their cute banter when they think no one else is listening and the highlight of the eavesdropping saga is when they burst into peals of uncontrollable laugher … Truly special !


A couple of months ago , while watching home videos of when my eldest was 2 , what struck me at the time was how at one point in his still very broken English ,he said ‘ I don like mummy upset , I like mummy smile ‘ , quite amazing how children that young can be so perceptive …

As our days and lives get busier , drowning in layer after layer of routine and monotony , how often is it that we share a smile with our children ,our loved ones or even a complete stranger just because we felt like smiling . Take a moment today/tonight , look your children in the eyes and give them a heartfelt smile. Now , let the magic of this extraordinary moment unfold , I promise you won’t regret it , I didn’t !

Say Cheeeeeseee !

The most beautiful thing in this world is to see your parents
smiling, and knowing that you’re the reason behind that smile.

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