The big 3-0 , home truths and all that jazz…

Posted on March 14, 2012


The age of 30 has something ominous associated with it , people avoid the subject like the plague and don’t be too surprised if you get a dead panned stare when you ask your bestie what they’re planning to do for their 30th , this is a serious faux pas particularly in the land of oestrogen  … seriously ! There are cruel jokes on the internet about how women start looking for wrinkles instead of pimples once they hit 30 . Clearly , the people who came up with these pot shots have never heard of yummy mummies and rejuvenation creams !

For me , the big 3-0 was like a homecoming and with that , it brought a flood of strength and resilence. I felt ready to take on fresh challenges and face life with renewed vigor , perhaps there was also the realisation that we only get one shot at life and I HAD to stop myself from drowning in survival mode and start LIVING !

Here’s a piece I wrote just after I had turned 31 , very much unedited and straight from the heart .

At the not so tender age of 31 , there are many things I have learnt or atleast pretend to know….There are also certain home truths that hit well……home…What I didn’t know at 21 , I know at 31 and what I don’t know now , I will know at 41 , I will make mistakes along the way , I will say things I will later regret , I will not always make the perfect decisions and there will always be things that could’ve been done differently….having said that , there will also be some wonderful memories , moments shared , breathtaking new bonds, unexpected revivals , long awaited closures , some dreams abandoned , some fulfilled and many others born….
Ofcourse there is also the acknowledgement of the age old adage Life is not a bed of roses” ( hang on , I knew that at 19 ) but there is then the serene acceptance that life doesn’t have to be perfect , to be wonderful….
Then there are those cold hard truths that strike you deep…
Circumstances alter faces… can count your closest friends on your finger tips….all others are mostly invaluable debris you could do without…
The truth , no matter how obscure, usually has a way of catching up with a lie…..
You learn that the family you always took for granted can be staunchly pitted against you in your darkest hour…
But its not all bad , home truths can be sweet….
When most stop believing in you, your mother shows you in her subtle ways that she never stopped believing….
She also never stopped loving you….and you mentally smack yourself for being a right nightmare to her in your teens….when all she wanted you to do was clean your room…..Oops !
Its not so much about what you say but its all about how you say it….
There isn’t much a bit of chocolate and retail therapy won’t fix…
Life offers you a second chance ….you just have to recognise the signs….
Love is not over-rated , it is just rare…
What were some of your thoughts when turned 30 ? Those who have not turned 30 yet , do you dread it or will it just be like any other birthday ?


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