Help ! I lost my cape !!

Posted on March 17, 2012


Upon hearing some fascinating stories about super heroes saving the earth , Cosmo and Nova , aliens from Slippytopia decided to pay the lesser planet a visit . Hoping to learn and replicate the superhero technology , they quietly went about making observations about super hero activities on earth .

They were enamored with Batman’s physical prowess , his acute intelligence and thought his means of transportation was quite enviable.Though Superman was initially a bit of a disappointment for the aliens for they had already mastered the art of flying interstellar distances centuries ago , they were taken by the super hero’s fashion sense and innovative haircut , making notes to make an appointment with the hero’s stylist as soon as possible . Slippians could use an image and wardrobe overhaul , they thought .

Feeling quite pleased with their findings so far , the aliens carried on to find Spidey aka Spiderman.It took them a little longer to comprehend exactly why flinging oneself on spider webs and clinging to walls was regarded a super hero trait . It wasn’t until the lovely Mary-Jane appeared at Spiderman’s latest crime scene , proudly linking arms with her man did they realize that spider instincts were very popular with the ladies , damn those girly mags !

Cosmo decided there and then he would bring back a designer spider web to his long time crush , Prada upon his return to Slippytopia . Gosh ! Prada would be so enchanted with his creative thinking and she might finally let Cosmo hold her toe nail … Sigh

The aliens were getting tired , super hero spying is no easy feat . They decided to head back home, quite excited about sharing their findings with Slippian intelligence .

As they slowly snuck back to their Slipship hidden behind a big contraption with many doors and windows , curious as they were Cosmo and Nova peered inside to find earthlings bartering food and goods for rectangular pieces of paper , seems earth was still working on its fair trade policies. Slippytopia was a far more sophisticated planet .

Turning around to leave , a strange looking earthling caught their eye , it seemed female , half it’s hair loosened from what was once a ponytail , carrying 3 packages in one hand , 4 in the other , yelling into something stuck to her right ear , pushing a cart carrying a newly born earthling , tying the shoe laces of a smaller male earthling all the while saving another little earthling who seemed to wander away from the footpath every 5 seconds . Cosmo and Nova were struck by the sheer strength of this woman , yet she wasn’t on their list of super heroes. Nova whipped out his SlipPad 2 and scanned the earthling ,Slipki returned the following result :

Target identified is a capeless and somewhat unsung super hero . Clever , loving , strong , patient and considerate . Often powered by caffeine! Exceptional cook , ATM , Driver , Shopper , Washer , Cleaner . Stopped being anything else the day she became a mother. Sacrifices her dreams and her manicures . Reader , Master juggler ,Calculator , Listener, Story Teller.

Kisses tears and cherishes smiles , inspires , applauds , reprimands , protects . Isn’t perfect , forgets , cries , has tired days , often complains of lack of sleep , yet pushes on every single day . Cares , honors , teaches , shares , cuddles , holds and showers love like no one ever will .

Legend has it , she has a cape hidden in her closet but wearing one might be considered uncool and embarrassing by her young ones . Supermum , commonly found in suburban homes ; changing the world , one shoe lace at a time .

Remuneration : love !

Planet name inspiration credits :My space loving fabulous two

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P.S : the fabulous two have deemed this story bed time friendly :)