24 hours of food provision , no questions asked !

Posted on March 22, 2012


Phew ! It’s been a long , arduous day of keeping a job and playing supermum. A wave of relief and satisfaction washes over as I crash ( yes crash ) on the lounge with my power drink , a hot cup of coffee ofcourse .

The next day’s uniforms have been pressed , lunches prepared , homework has been completed ( is this a dream ? ).I watch the fabulous two ,bathed and been fed a decently healthy meal , they share a moment ( or two ? ) of tv serenity , barely flinching at my sofa crash …

Ah ! The first sip of coffee , I let out a happy sigh , browsing through and earmarking some new blog posts I’d really like to read after the fabulous two are in dreamland .

Finally , it closes in on the agreed weeknight bed time and I say, “Come on boys, it’s time for bed “ , turning the tv off . Reluctant but knowing that there is no bending this one they rise from their little sofas and make their way to their bedroom .

Just as I am tucking him in , FS # 2 ( fabulous son number 2 , aged 6 1/2 ) says , ” But mummyyy , I’m hungry “

Me : ” But honey you just had dinner a little while ago “

FS2 : ” But that was millions of hours ago ( 2 to be precise ) , and I’m really really hungry , please can I have something “

FS1 ( being the complete foodie that he is ) : ” yeh mummy I’m hungry too “

I stare widely at the two , thinking why now , why just when you’re about to sleep.

Now now , settle down , don’t go thinking I’m not used to this , we all know its the golden clause of the parental contract , 24 hours of food provision , no questions asked !

Horrified at the thought of being classified as a cruel mum , becoming the subject of playground heart to hearts or the fab 2 being scarred for life , I lift my game and offer a quick , healthy snack that didn’t contain the words chocolate chip , ” ok how about a cup of milk and banana each , come on jump out then “

FS2 wails out: ” Nooooo I want something yummier like really really yummy “

Stumped ! Again ! Who knew bananas would just not cut it for a late night snack …. Something yummy-er , the key being the ‘er’ , I thought .As you may have gathered , I was tired and wasn’t having the brightest of days ( epicureans have off days to y’know) but eventually I had a plan .

I pulled out a box of those delicious salty ritz crackers , butter and a few slices of sandwich cheese , nothing fancy .

I started with buttering the insides of the ritz crackers very lightly with butter , cutting each cheese slice into fours . I place a quarter piece of cheese on top of the cracker , sprinkle a dash of cracked pepper and place another lightly buttered cracker on top . I made about ten of these , served up with a glass of milk resulting in some very happy smiles and FS2 felt a bit important because he thought it was ” kind of like being on an aeroplane” , clearly the context being the crackers and fine cheese provided with airline meals.Full and sleepy , the fabulous two tumbled into bed and fell asleep not long after, prompting me to write this post .


The moral of the story is that no shopping trolley is ever complete without ritz crackers and cheese slices .

Tip : for adults , you could do away with the butter and maybe add a thin slice of tomato , give it that canapé sort of feel .Also can be prepared with slices of crispbread and packed into school lunches .

Do you have any special , healthy treats for post dinner cravings ? Would love to share ideas !

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