Sometimes we forget..

Posted on March 22, 2012


Admittedly , I haven’t had the best week , I have been moping around quite sick and feeling miserable for myself . You know those times when you wish you could just curl up under the blanket and sleep all day ….haha do I see a few furious nods there ?

While speaking with a close friend today who has experienced a troubled few months , I was compelled to think about how much we take for granted . Her troubles , too personal to be shared here made my worries look rather secondary and trivial.

We are often so deeply consumed in our own world battling one struggle after the other , we forget to express gratitude for what we do have . I will not delve too much into that here because I have written about this subject earlier in ‘ the little things ‘ but today my thoughts after speaking with my friend were , no matter how difficult a state we think we may be in , we must never forget that there is someone out there who may be worse off .

We must never let hardships bring us down and count all the wonderful blessings we have in our lives .

Share a thought : What are you grateful for today ?