30 days , 30 posts and 60 followers ….Not bad I reckon !

Posted on March 23, 2012


So I am not telling the world but I am secretly very thrilled about thisĀ ! WordPress rolled out a blog activity milestones feature as partĀ of the regular WordPress notifications . Everytime your blog activity achieves a milestone ( 10 new followers , 5 likes etc ) , you receive a star or a badge . Reminds me of reward charts at school , homework tick , combed hair tick , nails clipped tick … Err I’m rambling aren’t I ? Well you can read more about this fabulous feature here..

I’m also very very excited about something else , Mumchic is 30 days and 30 posts old today ! Wohoooooooo !!

Now I know this is a very small achievement in the big scheme of things but to me this is huge and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support , encouragement and words of all of you out there . Don’t worry I won’t go into a long, teary spiel ( gotta save something for the 100th post ! ) but just want to say thankyou for being part of this journey .

If you have any comments , feedback or post suggestions , I’d love to hear , feel free to leave them in a comment or alternatively I can be reached on email : me@mumchic.com .

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