Why is it so important to show the people we love , that we love them ?

Posted on March 24, 2012


I woke up this morning to read a story that touched the very core of my heart and left me in tears . After reading it , I wanted to pick up the phone and tell every single person who is important in my life that I truly love them. The past few days , we have been talking about gratitude and the things we take for granted. This is also true for the wonderful people who shape our lives , we often forget that life is short and you never know what it brings next. Give those hugs , write that email you have been meaning to , have that coffee with a girlfriend ,read your children those bed time stories , kiss them goodnight , make that phone call to your mum ..don’t hold back or leave it for next time , tell the ones you love that you love them , they might be the most important words they ever hear.

I will not take away from the story by talking about it in this post , please take a few moments of your day and read this heartbreakingly beautiful story here .

Share a thought : Do you or anyone you know have a story similar to Bethany and Ryan’s that you’d like to share ?

Image Courtesy :http://www.snippetandink.com