Oh iPhone , how I love to hate you..

Posted on March 25, 2012


Dear iPhone ,

My relationship with you has been an interesting one and the subject of much ridicule amongst my closest friends and family . You see , I was one of those outcasts who found the whole touch screen experience fairly intimidating – and NO I refuse to be called technologically challenged , can I help it if the Finnish Nokia had my fingertips wrapped around its beautiful beveled keys for a good part of a decade. It was a long drawn out break up with Nokia I have to say , at one stage I was carrying two phones , an iPhone because you know , everyone has an iPhone , I mean EVERYONE  and a Nokia because it felt like home. My Blackberry loving sibling , prone to telling it like it is , was often found wondering in company whether your only purpose in my life was to serve as a camera .

Time , they say is the best healer , over time I developed a kind of affinity for you, dearest iPhone , enjoying the land of apps and an unending supply of music you always provide at the touch of a screen….emails at my fingertips , google search a tip and a tap away , maps when I lost my way , really what more can one want ? Having said that, I didn’t succumb to a rash purchase as soon as they replaced you with that new swisher looking iPhone 4 when it arrived back in 2010.You could say I was finally beginning to fall in love with you.

But late last year, you sort of gave in and I thought it was time for fresh starts. After endless research and friendly debates generally titled ” Samsung SII vs Apple iPhone 4s ” , “Android vs iOS”  , ” hold out for the iPhone 5 or go for the 4s “…. you get the drift, I , once again gave in to Apple , well Siri really.

4 months on , I think it would be only fair to say , my not so new iPhone 4s and I share a love hate relationship . Here’s why :

I hate, hate, HATE that it has a shocking battery life and I have to charge it every freaking half an hour.

I LOVE that it has a fantastic 8 mega pixel camera that takes brilliant photos as well as videos  , almost negating the need to have any other digital camera in my life unless its a DSLR.

I HATE( I mean love , I mean hate , I mean love …oh nevermind !) that having a world of information at my fingertips in the form of a smartphone , I am less inclined to read a book on my way to work and highly inclined to read who did what with whom and where on Facebook, very informative I tell you. I am also very much likely to connect with a friend via text,email or a facebook shout out than by actually just phoning them which by the way is also just a finger tap or a Siri command away.

Speaking of Siri ,the lovely Siri ( which did you know can go through a gender change just by selecting the English – UK option as I discovered this morning ). It  is a great addition and a definite step up in the game , heck it is possibly what convinced me to go with the 4s over the Galaxy SII , having said that I HATE that I have only but used it but  a total of umm 15 times and it refuses to assist me with finding the closest chinese restaurant because I speak with an Australian accent . I am not paying any less ( infact its probably more seeing the current exchange rate )  for an iPhone 4s than my American friends then why the prejudice Apple ? I would like a Siri that knows everything , thankyou very much !

Oh and lets not forget, I HATE how,  the fabulous two with Siri’s willingness to always  please find their way into playlists when they should be doing their homework.

I LOVE that Siri has given our home many magically cute moments like the other night when FS2 , half asleep and contemplative , asked ” Mummy , Siri must get so tired , she has to answer so many questions , does she ever sleep ? ” , Yes I know he is cute isnt he ? , takes after his mother ofcourse , I couldn’t help but play along by saying ” Yes sweetheart , which is why we really shouldn’t be asking her what the current weather is in Disneyland… every 5 minutes “

And lastly , I HATE how the fabulous two have executively decided that the iPhone is their primary gaming console , no matter how many other gaming consoles we may have in our house , they will gladly trade-in for an iPhone. There was even talk last week in the house  about taking the phone into school for show and tell ( something to do with being cool I suppose ) and FS1 is apparently saving up for the iPhone 5 . FS1 is 8 years old and might be dreaming.

So as touted aggressively by Apple, is the iPhone 4s the most amazing iPhone yet ? Probably , Am I sold on it ? No , not yet .

 I hear they might release the iPhone 5 later this year around Spring ( I’m Australian remember , Spring = September , we do seasons the other way round down under just in case you were wondering ) , Will I be pre-ordering it ? No , I don’t think so .. I rather enjoy these little debates I have with my friends about pros, cons , functionalities every time Apple has a big release.

Well there we have it , so until we meet again…

Oh iPhone , how I love to hate you.

P.S my wonderful , dependable ex, Nokia still sits somewhere in the house , always ready to be a backup phone incase the iPhone 4s and I have a falling out.

Image Courtesy : Siri , in a year http://thedoghousediaries.com/3175

Image Courtesy : Siri , unable to search chinese restaurants ,  Inhouse