One Unknown and a Life Without Limits

Posted on March 28, 2012


“One Unknown” , is the title of a book written by Australian born inspirational speaker , peace ambassador for Peace Direct and the founder of M.A.D for peace , a peace awareness and action initiative , Gill Hicks . But more importantly , the title of her first book is inspired from the most tragic experience of Gill’s life , One Unknown were the words written on her wristband as she was admitted into hospital on that ill fated day of the London train bombings. Unidentified, severely injured with both her legs amputated below the knee ,Gill was not expected to live and yet 7 years on , with sheer will and the support of those around her , Gill is not turning back . Through her talks and sharing candidly the sequence of events on that day in London in July 2005 , Gill aims to be a catalyst for global peace .I had the opportunity first hand to hear Gill speak at a conference last year , her story is as heartbreaking as it is inspirational , to be at the threshold of life and death and choosing life , one that could never have been easy to resurrect… One Unknown , Gill Hicks.

“Perfection isn’t always perfect”

Says Nick Vujicic , an Australian motivational speaker , director of  Life Without Limbs and more recently , author of the book “Life without Limits – How to live a ridiculously good life “ . Nick, 29  was born without arms or legs and contemplated suicide at the age of 10 after growing gravely depressed about his condition and the general lack of acceptance of his disability amongst his peers while growing up. With a lot of love and encouragement from his family and the realisation that his own story of struggles and triumphs could inspire others , Nick has gone on to become one of the world’s most revered inspirational speakers , spreading a message of hope , strength and faith especially among youth. His story is one of great courage and character reminding us that there is nothing that can stop us from being who we are meant to be, from living a life without limits. Nick recently collaborated with Tyrone Wells to produce the video shared below , this beautiful song is called ” Something More “ .

I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for Gill Hicks and Nick Vujicic and many others like them, people who have faced adversities and lived,against all odds . People who have made a difference to the world despite their own battles,  shining their inner strength and determination , choosing hope over despair, happiness over anger and living a life beyond their limits. They , to me are survivors.


Gill Hicks Video :

Nick Vujicic – Something More :

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One Unknown and Life Without Limits are available at all good book stores.