Bread and Butter , so what’s the big deal ?

Posted on March 30, 2012


 No, no not the bread and butter you go out to work for , I mean the real thing , Bread and Butter.

What prompted the question in my mind was how I and many others waited eagerly behind the counter at our local bakery, lured in by the aroma of freshly baked bread and sugar laden delectables.As the lovely asian lady wrapped me a bunch of damper rolls , I mentally conjured an image of my bread , slightly warmed under the grill , served with a generous layer of butter, who needs dinner , I’ll just have bread and butter everyday.

So what is this whole fuss with bread and butter ? After all it is just flour , yeast ,water, a dash of salt layered with fat.Yes I know , sounds ugly.Well,I can tell you , people (yours truly included) will go to war over it . How many times have you been to a restaurant and ordered soup , only for the complimentary bread and butter , why else would you order some concoction named ” Sopi Di Yuwana “ , it probably tastes worse than it sounds. And the time when you have deeply cursed the waiter/waitress who thought one measly tub of butter would be enough to go over three bread rolls ! What about the time when you were caught deeply concentrating on that last piece of buttered bread on your sibling’s plate , half expecting the bread to be miraculously left uneaten so you could “help” your sibling with the left overs . And who can forget that annoying person ahead of you in the queue who refuses to pay for the all you can eat salad bar because he never got his second complimentary bread roll , we’ve all seen one of them , infact we might’ve even been one of those people ….on more than one occasion.

To me , bread and butter represents dependability, always there when you need it most… like a dear friend or a much loved book that you can never get tired of. It represents bliss , the kind you only find in the comfort of your home. It is no wonder that we are so passionate about our missing bread roll even when there’s an entire menu we could pick anything from , it is the confidence that the bread and butter won’t let us down…who knows … the fact of the matter is , in this carb defying world , if there is one thing we battle to give up , it is our bread and butter and rightfully so !

Are you a bread and butter fan ? If yes , what is about bread and butter you absolutely love ? If not , congratulations ! you have wasted an entire lifetime on other inconsequential stuff , well done ….

“Sopi Di Yuwana” : Soup of an Iguana – This site claims no responsibility of the consequences of consuming Sopi Di Yuwana for the love of bread .