The best piece of toast in the world.

Posted on March 31, 2012


So I have had a severe eye infection the past couple of days .How do I know its severe ? Well anything that compels a doctor to push a paper clip up your eye to flip your eyelid over is classified severe in my books , and I am usually quite a resilient person . Although I am tempted to share a picture of my swollen , crusty , freshly punched in the eye look , I will spare you the agony.

When the swelling initially came up , the fabulous two were quite thrilled at the idea of mum adopting a piratey look , FS2 went all out and found me a pirate patch from a party we had a couple of years ago. There was also some banter between the two about the possibility of skipping school because mum was too sick to drive. Didn’t happen !

We somehow shuffled our way through the week and come Friday evening , I requested the Fab 2 to be on their best behaviour for the rest of the weekend. We had a mature conversation about my visit to the doctor ( paperclip and all the gory details included ) and that I had been asked to rest my eye as much as possible . There were nods all around , although I had my doubts about the credibility of those nods because moments of peace in our house are few and far between. You can read more about such moments here .

FS1 though can be quite sage and sensible … sometimes …and this morning was one of those “sometimes” . FS2 was already up and pottering around with his toys when FS1 woke up and came over for cuddles, I said to him , ” FS1, darling , my eye feels very sore, please give me ten minutes , I’ll make us some breakfast soon , why don’t you go brush your teeth in the mean time ? ” He nodded and slipped away leaving me to drift a little bit longer. The next time I woke was when I felt FS1 tap my my head , I opened my eyes to a wonderful little surprise.


A roughly folded piece of toast generously spread with jam and butter , the best piece of toast in the world followed by cuddles. I had tears in my eyes when FS1 said , ” Mummy , I wanted you to have a rest , I know your eyes are hurting”

Children; the truest form of love , capable of so much more than what we give them credit for.

Share a thought : Have you , as a child or a child close to you ever done something that truly surprised you and touched you deeply ?