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What Do I Have To Say About The Avengers ? Well for starters…

April 29, 2012


I went in to the cinema with not much context except a girly, goo goo eyed crush on Tony Stark aka Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr but boy was I in for a surprise ?

That Awkward Moment.

April 27, 2012


Today we are talking about cringe-worthy moments , what are yours ?

I want to put a ding in the universe !

April 24, 2012


Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do..

Time to go Chic !

April 23, 2012


Time to go chic! Dear Chic-Fans, The past couple of weeks have been overwhelming for us with over a 100 new Facebook followers and crazy traffic on the blog, you’ve thrown us off guard (in a fabulous way ofcourse)! We have been thinking and in the world of all things chic, a simple thank you […]

Want to ensure marital bliss ? You must learn your Aloo ki Bhujia !

April 23, 2012


Back in the day , it was one of the first few dishes a 14 something Pakistani girl would be taught by her mother/grandmother/aunts as she forayed into the land of cooking, along with how to roll a chappati and boil rice - the common lead up to finding a suitable match !

Four Words.

April 22, 2012


This is it , this is the only shot you get . Learn Laugh Live Love You Only Live Once !

The Best Job.

April 21, 2012


The best job in the world is also the hardest job in the world.

The Morning After…

April 20, 2012


Do you smell a secret liaision ?

What Happens When You Wreck A Foodie-Blogger’s Sandwich ?

April 20, 2012


Have you ever paid more than $3 for a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich ? You have ? I'd like to hear from you and you'd like to hear this story ...

Guest Post – Mumchic Vs Big Brother

April 18, 2012


Hello All I was humbled when fellow blogger and now friend , Kate from Skinny Cap Two Sugars asked me if I would like to be a guest author on her blog . Kate is a published journalist and has written many inspiring stories . Thankyou Kate , for this wonderful opportunity and keep inspiring […]

Before You Judge Someone – Walk A Mile in Their Shoes.

April 16, 2012


A simple reminder...

A Survival Guide To Raising Boys – The Good , The Bad and The Funny.

April 16, 2012


“But as we all know, most young boys have a great aversion to work. They can sit and stare at if for hours.” ― James Dobson, Bringing Up Boys

Its time to vote !

April 14, 2012


Your vote counts !

Why fall in love ? I’d rather fall in caffeine…..

April 14, 2012


Speaking of addictions...