And The Award Goes To….

Posted on April 4, 2012


I woke up this morning to a find nice little surprise in my inbox . It turns out , fellow hilariously funny blogger fivesecondrules thinks Mumchic is pretty fabulous and awarded us “The Inspirational Blogger “ Award. Fivesecondrules , Thankyou !!! I am so thrilled to be receiving my first ever blogger award from a writer as wonderful as yourself and congratulations to you on receiving your award too :)


Now to claim the award , I have to share 7 things about myself , well here goes nothing;

Sometimes when I am thinking hard about something , and even though I hate to admit it, I start squinting. Only a *few* catch it though.

I am petrified of highways and break-ins.

I can’t live without coffee and soulful music and I love walking in the rain.

I am an accountant and have no clue how I landed that job but they haven’t fired me yet so I must be doing something right .

I mumble . A lot !

Since I was 10 , I have had a massive crush on Bollywood actor and heart throb , Salman Khan . I secretly watch all his movies and interviews , even the bad ones…. repeatedly.

I can often be found sleeping on public transport and long drives… the same doesn’t apply to flights .

I was born and raised in Pakistan and I want to contribute towards reviving my beautiful birthland.

I can take a few light-years to decide on a handbag (replace handbag with most things).

I don’t like to be late ..ever ! I don’t like people who are late …at all.

My real name derived from Arabic means , ” the wise one “…. yeah I know , go figure !

Is that 7 ? ….Oh ! well just goes to show how narcissistic I can be ;)

And now its time to award a few of my favourite bloggers , they are ;

Evan Sanders of  The Better Man Project
Kate Dzienis of  Skinny Cap with Two Sugars
Brenda Blasingame of Awake-Aware-Alive
Gary Lum of  Yummy Lummy
Kamilla Johns of Kamilla Johns Real Food

Even though she already received this award , I will make special mention of the lovely L of fivesecondrules , love your work girl , keep rocking !