Will you wear these glasses?

Posted on April 5, 2012


Back in the day, I distinctly remember the boys in our apartment building going all gaga over The Terminator, remember the movie ?This was probably 1991, and having watched and experienced the thrill of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (damn, I had to google that to get the spelling right!) The Terminator 2- Judgement Day and being able to educate others what a Terminator actually was and how he saved the world and how insanely cool he sounded while saying ‘asta-la-vista baby’ was possibly immensely gratifying to the guys… it was akin to…lets say having a LOT of Likes on some cool video you just shared on Facebook.

Anyway , so Arnold wore these awesome science fiction glasses which made him look really easy on the eye , but the coolest part about them was that they could constantly produce various snippets of information about the objects/entities being viewed. Here picture this if you have forgotten the epic-ness or if you just missed the movie somehow.

Now, I have never been heavily into Science Fiction , but technology loving as I am , I was quite fascinated with these very savvy glasses. I wondered how it would be to own a pair? Could I just wear them , and say point them to an LV handbag and the glasses would immediately tell me its price, make and more importantly, if it would suit me. The whole premise of wearable computing and how it would change our perception about this world was quite the workshop in a young girl’s mind.

Then life happened and Arnold faded away. So did those glasses.

But today, something special happened. Google , the ‘do no evil’ company showed the world of their incredible new invention. Something that might change the very fiber of communication. It is called Google Glasses and it is almost exactly what Arnold would say as ta la vista baby to. I give you the video to devour and be amazed at. Enjoy.

What a wonderful time we live in, the speed of change in the way we are communicating today is mindblogging and probably the best way alive through this metamorphosis to to embrace this evolution. (See how I have justified buying my iphone 4s).

What do you ,  wonderful readers and followers reckon ? Will you be buying Google Glasses when they hit the stores?