To Uncharted Waters , Undreamed Shores – Shakespeare

Posted on April 6, 2012


A friend who chooses to remain anonymous shares with Mumchic’s readers ,  the trials and triumphs of a road less travelled. Please note , I have deliberately chosen not to make any edits to the piece as it spoke volumes to me in its rawness and honesty , adding or taking anything away from it would do it much injustice . Over to you , guest author.

For You Believed

There will be the highs and lows

There will be a search , optimistic , relentless

For answers , for a utopia you have never known

There will be a moment too many

When you will want to give it all up

To find bliss in the arms of the beloved

To come back to the one

And all you know as home

Most nights

You will gently slip into a slumber

Only too exhausted to dream

You will laugh but you will cry more

There will be a leap of faith or two

You will fear the failures

And celebrate the smallest successes

You will trust and wonder , you will vehemently question , you will hope

And you will dare

But there is also the promise each sunrise brings

Of a slowly unraveling dream

 Distant but not invisible

For you dared , for you believed and persevered

For you travelled a path

You didn’t even know existed


Taking a path less travelled is riddled with its own perils and promises. Share a thought : what are your experiences with choosing to do something against the social norms/expectations ?