Just another day we found love.

Posted on April 8, 2012


Canberra , apart from being the nation’s capital is notorious amongst the rest of Australia for its lazy, country town lifestyle . Majority being public servants , Canberrans are essentially a relaxed bunch of people .We love our weekends , walks in the park , bike rides by the lake , coming together at various events around town , yep we are big on community spirit and usually you will bump into someone who knows someone else you know. The world is small , our little town , smaller.

But what Canberra is less known for is its excess of public holidays , yes we even have a Canberra Day in March and a Families and Community Day later in the year , its beautiful sunsets and its spectacular Autumn.If anything , Canberran Autumns are a must-see.

Today was one such gorgeous Autumn day . The day started out with the usual arguments between the Fabulous Two about where to go .Being a 4 day weekend , I had promised them a couple of days out and about since we were staying put in Canberra itself and apparently “Everyone” at school was going away , according to FS2 . Not entirely true , not EVERYONE escapes Canberra at the appearance of a long weekend but yes , admittedly the city is quieter.

Finally , we settled on Questacon , the national science and technology centre . Perfect ! a brilliant little place with plenty of brain food for their whizzing minds. The afternoon at Questacon breezed past as we experienced an earthquake simulation , played around with quantum physics and discovered why parasites are …well parasites . I’d committed the day to my boys and despite itching fingers , the iphone was kept at bay , mostly , barring a few pictures here and there .

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As we wrapped up and headed out of Questacon , the incessant cuddles, kisses and chatter told me the boys were happy and I felt happier knowing they had had a great day out.Outside the building , there was the hint of a cool draft cocooned in the arms of the late afternoon sun. As we walked towards the car, the boys found a little tree lined grass area with some stray autumn leaves and started to have a play. Never ceases to amaze me  how children find joy in the simplest of things. With the slowly setting sun , I detected a great photo opportunity , out came the iPhone ,  I started taking shots of the boys. Later , we strolled a bit , took many more photos, talking , joking and picking strange looking fruit from trees ( excuse my ignorance ).With our hectic schedules , this class to get to and that note to be signed , we don’t often get to step back and take a breather . Today we did and I loved how all three of us were soaking it all in , simply enjoying each other’s company.

As we drove home chatting away about something completely random , we decided to take a detour to the nearest McDonald’s and ate a lot of junk we don’t normally eat. Back in the car heading home , we were awestruck  by the most beautiful , brightest moon we have ever seen , we passed by Lake Tuggeranong and the moon literally shone over the water . I did try to capture it but I have to admit , the attached iPhone picture does no justice to the sight. We arrived home , FS1 ( who dreams to be an astronaut one day ) looked up at the moon and starlit sky and quipped , ” You know Mummy , I love looking at the moon and stars , I love working out the different shapes and constellations ” .  I smiled at him and said , ” well why don’t we sit out at the deck tonight ?” . He seemed to like the idea initially but was soon abandoned as the discussion moved to to the pre-dominant colors to be used in a Batman picture ( FS2 is an ardent fan and is currently working on a Batman picture for an art competition ) , clearly far more important than working out constellations ! The boys chatted away and I slowly faded into the background reveling in how special a day it had been not because we did anything extra-ordinary but because we were doing ordinary things with the people we care for most.

It was indeed just another day we found love.

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