The Life and Times of a Blogging Addict – Are you one ?

Posted on April 13, 2012


Psssssssst !!!  I’m back !! I bet there’s a few of you out there who missed hearing from me and couldn’t help wonder where I was hiding , go on , you can admit it , I won’t tell anyone ( evil grin ).. maybe ?

Okay so now that I am done gloating about how much you all love me , I have to say , honestly the feeling is mutual . I was quite sick the past few nights and barely able to sit in front of the laptop for more than 15 minutes but my mind was abuzz with some brilliant post ideas and thoughts I just HAD to share with you , my fabulous readers.

Not one for addictions unless they spell chocolate or coffee , these No Post Withdrawal symptoms I was experiencing got me thinking , had I acquired a new vice ? Am I the latest Blogging Addict in blogosphere ? Does a Blogaholics Anonymous even exist ? ( See I am even talking in blogspeak now , its a sign folks its a sign ) .  And thus , part of today was spent recapping my 6 week old blogging journey culminating in one stark realisation , yes I had fallen, hook , line and sinker for this great blogging game . I qualify , on all counts as a Blogging Addict .

Now there are many lists floating out there on the internet , heck there are quizzes too ( NO I did not attempt one , thankyou very much ! ) but I thought why not have our own list here at Mumchic HQ and give  our non-blogging audience the inside story on The Life and Times of  a Blogging Addict .

You know you are a Blogging Addict when :

You never leave home without a camera or have a phone with an inbuilt camera.You also either own a DSLR you even pretend you own a DSLR because you know it has credibility in the bloggers circuit.Every opportunity is quite possibly a photo opportunity – ranging from beautiful sunsets, gorgeous autumn days , delectable treats on the dinner table ,the kids artwork, craft , rude emails from your boss .. okay maybe not those but you get the idea…in fact this very minute you are thinking how Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram  can be used to enhance photo sharing and then ofcourse you have your Pinterest followers to factor in as well.

Your new post ideas and inspiration radar never goes to sleep . For example , today , a friend was quite animatedly telling me about a movie she watched last weekend and I said , ” Hey , would you like to do a guest movie review for the site ?”  Random , I know ! And this is not the first time , I have done it to various people in the past few weeks . Some , I must say have been very excited about being featured on a website like my friend this afternoon but others have given me the ” Do you really think I have the time to indulge you? and what is this , this Mumchic thing anyway ? ” look.

Your blog editor ( in my case : WordPress )  is now a household name .   As soon as I flip my phone out to innocently take pictures of the Fab 2 , FS1 ( Fabulous Son 1 – for new followers ) will say to FS2 , ” Hey FS2 , lets do the ________ move ( fill in the blanks with cool moves that 8 year olds do ) , mummy’s going to wordpress it and the whole world can see it ! ” FS1 takes after me and is an absolute poser . FS2 is more the analytical observer then says , ” WordPress ? Oh yeah the thing where mummy writes her stories ” ah joy !

You are perpetually sleep deprived because you have stayed up late working on an article , published it , waited for initial reactions and finally around 2am made it to bed only to be up every few hours to check on the site’s latest stats , whether there have been any likes/comments . In the event of no likes/comments , you are restless and need a chocolate hit to pacify those nerves. When you finally fall asleep again , you dream about the latest likes/comments.Enough said ..

You jot down blog post ideas anywhere and everywhere often when when you should be working on a complex excel worksheet instead . See example below ;

You had no idea what SEO and backlinks meant until you started blogging and you have installed all the  popular social media apps on your smartphone , for times when you just can’t get to the laptop but HAVE to touch base with your growing fan following.Anything to generate traffic you see.

You say a silent prayer as you hit the “Publish” button .

You have an uncontrollable urge to post every single day.. Sometimes even twice a day or thrice ?

You dream of winning blog awards and being recognised for your brilliant writing.

Your newest friends are fellow bloggers who will usually relate to all of the above.

So tell me ..

How did you fare in the above list ? Do you classify yourselves as a Blogging Addict or are you a budding addict. Do you have any more signs and symptoms of addiction to share with our audience ?