Its time to vote !

Posted on April 14, 2012


Hello Hello !

Do you remember last week’s post – something about mumchic being in a competition? Yeaaah …vaguely maybe ? No ? Well here’s a quick recap :

Mumchic is now nominated in The Sydney Writer’s Centre Blog Awards 2012 , we are running for 2 main categories , Funniest Blog Post award and Best New Blog 2012 .

There is also a People’s Choice Award which is where you all play a big part .If you are absolutely loving Mumchic , all you have to do is cast a vote and share share share the voting link with your family and friends .

Here is the voting link ; or  alternatively you can just click on the vote for me badge on our side bar.

Come on people , lets make this community even more awesome !

A few mentions :

A big THANKYOU to all of you for being such wonderful readers and being a part of Mumchic’s growing community.

A special thankyou to the Best Sister In The World better known in the blogosphere as the Simpleton for encouraging me to start this blog , coming this far would not have been possible without regular doses of your witty sarcasm ! Oh and THANKYOU for the fabulous cupcake campaign idea you dreamed up – literally ! ( See picture above )

We are also increasing our Facebook presence so please do like our page which is or just use the sidebar plugin.

Have a wonderful day/night and stay tuned for the next post which promises to be a cracker .

Much much love :)