Why fall in love ? I’d rather fall in caffeine…..

Posted on April 14, 2012


Speaking of addictions …..

I will unabashedly admit, I abuse caffeine; in fact it is a primal need to have a few shots of coffee coursing through my veins before I can even begin to function along the lines of semi-normal. I cannot thank the boys at the Bean in the City  enough for their delicious mochas in those bright green cups I have been hoarding on my desk – I can’t help if they’re too pretty to throw away ?!

Some time back , I was idly randomising with a friend and they suggested going for the intravenous method of injecting coffee into the system at a prescribed dosage at phased intervals every day. All this because we numbercrunchers have mastered the art of letting our coffee cups go cold and spend half a morning to and fro- ing to the nearest microwave to warm that quintessential cup of coffee… on other days the need for caffeine is so strong that sipping from a cup seems a rather long winded method and the IV would be fast and potent.

Can you imagine the high ? 

I can’t even begin to fathom life without coffee , in fact I bought myself a coffee machine for my birthday this year , here have a look :

Quite a looker isn’t she ?

Call it love,obsession or call it an addiction….it costs MUCH lesser than a relationship , you can have it every day , as many times as you like (stomach permitting) , it doesn’t ask you frustrating questions and it certainly doesn’t expect you to be home by 6 , it gives you that incredible rush JUST when you need it and there always different flavours to pick from when you need a change. And as an added bonus , there are no emotionally charged spiels when life beckons…..Really…… why fall in love ? I’d rather fall in caffeine…..


Courtesy : This post was inspired by an article shared by friend and fellow blogger Kate of Skinny Cap with Two Sugars – Thanks Kate :)