The Morning After…

Posted on April 20, 2012


Oh you filthy minds you !

You came in here to find the scoop on Mumchic’s secret liaisions didn’t you ? You thought I’d be holding my head in shame because of some ludicrous situation I had gotten myself into. See ! I knew it ! Well my dears , sorry to disappoint but nothing even mildly racy to report here .You want racy , there are websites for that sort of thing or magazines ?!

Anyway , after a heavy and passionate night of blogging which resulted in a food rant  , a fair round of appreciation  and the like , I experienced a strange residual feeling this morning. I wanted to compulsively read and reread last night’s post , my brain racing with thoughts on how it could have been better. What sentence construction needed improvement , what part of the story lacked detail , how could the dialogue be more graphic. Did people even want to read about someone else’s sorry toasted sandwich rant ? In an instant , I had become my own highly critical English teacher propelling myself into doubt , such that I considered taking the entire post down.

Have you ever experienced  this syndrome ? Should these “The Morning After Reflective Blogger”  symptoms  be filed in the growing list of the signs of a Blogging Addict ?

And if so , why did I bother writing this post with its enticing title , why didn’t I just update the last one ?

What can I say wonderful people ;

a.I love you all and 

b.I’m a sucker for the extra air time !

Have a wonderful weekend :)

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