That Awkward Moment.

Posted on April 27, 2012


We all have them , moments that make us want to cringe and squirm, when we can’t help but wish the ground would open up and swallow us . Moments we always look back and remember as “That Awkward Moment” .

Well here’s a few that come to mind to add to the awkward moments hall of shame :

1.When you are in the office kitchen toasting something and the new recruit is a metre away using the microwave , you’ve never been introduced and therefore have nothing to say to them. But you feel strangely obliged to atleast smile , simply because :

a.You’re a nice person and know what it feels like to be an outsider and more importantly ;

b.Because as much as you can’t stand the water cooler , toaster small talk…the silence is uncomfortable and deafening.

2.When you are in the window seat during a flight , the person next to you in the aisle seat is snoring and you just HAVE to go … even worse if it’s your child who just HAS to go because children will climb over adults to get wherever they need to be.

3.When you kindly ask a tired , frazzled looking pregnant lady “when’s the baby due?” only for her to turn around and look either sheepish/embarassed/almost apologetic OR  deeply offended and say, “I am not pregnant”…uh-oh

4.You are in a group of friends and there is a heated debate . You are neutral but one of  your friends keeps looking at you after each point for validation and you have no choice but to nod in support even when you don’t want to….safest way to go in such situations.

5.When you meet someone who seems to know you and is being overtly friendly while you can’t even remember their name or where you have seen them before.And you still manage to have a full-blown conversation.

6.When you upload a picture of some decadent dessert on Facebook with a cheeky tagline only to find that Facebook is having a moment , your friends instead end up having an 80 comment long conversation on the picture thread , the picture never appears.Frustrated , you upload the picture 5 more times.Your friends now think you are a lunatic. Your friends are right…partially !

7.When you almost bump into someone and you both try to be polite and give way to the other , again , and again , and again. And eventually you both end up giggling like kids. Many a romances have started this way I hear …

8.When you receive a Facebook invite from someone who’s name sounds like a Spanish exotic dancer’s, closer inspection revealing that this person is a massive upgrade on someone you knew in high school. What’s with the name change girlfriend ?

9.When you are 12 and have yet to learn about women and hair dye abuse – You innocently ask your aunty how her hair was grey yesterday and now it is brown again…Oops !

10.When you are standing behind a haggard, frustrated man in the checkout and he is holding only two items , painkillers and sanitary napkins. There is a sympathetic eye exchange that happens in that moment, you understand what he is going through and he FAILS to understand why he HAS to go through the same s*** every month.

Over to you , what are some of your cringe worthy , awkward moments ? Let’s hear it !