What Do I Have To Say About The Avengers ? Well for starters…

Posted on April 29, 2012


The Fab 2 and I are massive movie buffs, if there is a new movie out, we will most likely go watch it given it is age-appropriate and the reviews are decent enough … I suppose it is our ‘thing’ to do as a family and we make it a pretty grand “thing” ,popcorns, choc tops, frozen drinks(throats permitting), lollies et al…So in keeping with tradition and seeing there has been much hype surrounding the movie, so much that the Fab 2 had been counting sleeps to its release date, I figured The Avengers warranted a first weekend viewing , so off we went to the movies yesterday and am I glad we did !

 I will admit , I have never read the comics and the only character I distinctly recognize is Iron Man from the previous movies.I went in to the cinema with not much context except a girly, goo goo eyed crush on Tony Stark aka Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr but boy was I in for a surprise ? 24 hours later and still reflecting on what is being touted as “the best super-hero” movie ever , here is what I have to say about The Avengers. For those who haven’t seen the movie yet, I will TRY not to give too much away.

First things first, The Avengers confirmed once again what I have already known for a while,  Robert Downey Jr  is an extremely handsome man who just gets better with age….And that’s putting it mildly(this being a family friendly blog and all y’ know ). That confident cockiness he pulls of with his character of Tony Stark, a persona that is simply larger than life and with his almost criminally good looks , RD Jr steals the show and truly deserves no less…. I mean just look at the man…


Speaking of larger than life, the Incredible Hulk is truly INCREDIBLE. We have the DVD at home ( of the previous movie ) and it is played often but I don’t think I have ever paid attention to the sheer magnitude of the guy. You know one of those movies your kids love and eventually it just becomes background noise. But seriously, I was quite taken aback with how real he looks , hats off to the director, Joss Whedon and his special effects team.You can tell how much work has been put into making The Hulk look so believable.

And then there is Thor played by Chris Hemsworth, who knew a guy could look so good with long hair…. Umm sorry this post wasn’t meant to be a swoon-fest but I can’t quite help it if The Avengers packs some of the most good looking guys in Hollywood. While we are on the subject of swooning and good looking, I must ask where has Chris Evans (Captain America) been hiding all this time and why doesn’t he do more movies ?

Okay I will stop there !

Now ladies , I am afraid there is some bad news for us in The Avengers, actually really,really bad news. I think we should just all quit dieting/gymming and go back to enjoying life because you know what? No matter what we do, we are never going to look like Agent Romanoff aka Black Widow aka Scarlett Johansson, we just aren’t… so why bother ? Yep I hereby allow you to eat that bar of chocolate you have been hiding in your purse all week…Just eat it before it melts…or rots..spare yourselves the agony because the moment you lay eyes on Scarlett in that catsuit, you will spend the entire next week agonising over your tarnished self-image anyway.

See what I mean ?

But perhaps the biggest clincher of all for me was the fact that along with my 6 and 8 year old sons, I too was laughing my head off at some very well timed comic scenes, a welcome injection to a screenplay that could have been tricky and heavy had it not been treated right. When I wasn’t awe struck with the brilliant technology and special effects, I too, like my sons was on the edge of my seat when we thought we’d lost of one of the characters forever ( doing a pretty bad job of not giving anything away aren’t I ?). Infact at one stage during the climax, I even caught myself muttering a commentary. I greatly appreciate the fact that the movie ( and I may add unexpectedly) manages to create a wider appeal than the usual kids and sci-fi/super hero fan base.Inspite of its grandeur, The Avengers is very human. We left the cinema smiling, knowing it wasn’t just any super-hero story, we had just witnessed a 2012 blockbuster, together .

As for The Avengers , looks like they have a new fan !

So , will you be watching The Avengers ? Have you read the comics ? Do you have a favourite ?