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The Life and Times of a Blogging Addict – Are you one ?

April 13, 2012


Not one for addictions unless they spell chocolate or coffee , these No Post Withdrawal symptoms I was experiencing got me thinking , had I acquired a new vice ? Am I the latest Blogging Addict in blogosphere ? Does a Blogaholics Anonymous even exist ? ( See I am even talking in blogspeak now , its a sign folks its a sign )

A Call To Courage.

April 9, 2012


Sometimes you capture a moment or read some lines and they resonate so loudly with you , there is no room left for much else to be said. Today , I have no words of my own , no stories to regale you with  – just a picture I shot and a few lines  I […]

How do you like your eggs on a Sunday ?

April 8, 2012


For this Sunday , the day being all about eggs , chocolate , painted, boiled , tie died , I thought it would be perfect to share with you a breakfast recipe that has become a super hit with all members of Mumchic HQ in recent times. In fact , you could say we literally hold out for the weekend so we can prepare this delicious version of eggs.

The Game Is On !

April 8, 2012


Come on people lets make Mumchic even more awesome !

Just another day we found love.

April 8, 2012


Outside the building , there was the hint of a cool draft cocooned in the arms of the late afternoon sun. As we walked towards the car, the boys found a little tree lined grass area with some stray autumn leaves and started to have a play. Never ceases to amaze me how children find joy in the simplest of things.

To Uncharted Waters , Undreamed Shores – Shakespeare

April 6, 2012



Will you wear these glasses?

April 5, 2012


I have never been heavily into Science Fiction , but technology loving as I am , I was quite fascinated with these very savvy glasses. I wondered how it would be to own a pair? Could I just wear them , and say point them to an LV handbag and the glasses would immediately tell me its price, make and more importantly, if it would suit me. The whole premise of wearable computing and how it would change our perception about this world was quite the workshop in a young girl's mind.

And The Award Goes To….

April 4, 2012


I am an accountant and have no clue how I landed that job but they haven't fired me yet so I must be doing something right .

Why it is never a good idea to have a shower after you have baked brownies…

April 4, 2012


Yesterday evening , I baked some brownies to pack into the fab two’s lunchboxes over the week. After the brownies were done , I left them to cool on the cooling rack and jumped in to the shower quite keen to wind down from what had been a pretty hectic day . Lo and behold […]

You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For – Part 1

April 4, 2012


If this hasn't ever happened to you , I'm sorry to be the one breaking this to you but you don't meet the criteria for normal. Trust me , you don't !

Of Black Lipstick , 1997 and Creamy Cucumber Sandwiches.

April 1, 2012


One day in 1997 , I made a friend .We went to college together back in my hometown , Karachi. We were 17 and thought black lipstick and ouiji boards were cool ,we were tripping on the likes of Celine Dion and Aerosmith and prank calling boys on their home landlines hoping against hope that […]