Photo A Day May – My Shot ! Day 3 , Not just any bracelet.

Posted on May 3, 2012


I am continuing with the Photo A Day May project in today’s post, I promise I will write a proper post very soon, infact I have a very special Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup recipe lined up for all you fellow foodies so you must stay tuned for that one.

If you have just tuned in to and would like to know what photo-a-day May is all about , please read my blog post from yesterday – My Shot ! Days 1 & 2 .

So here is a list of daily themes for Photo A Day May :

and now for the picture :

Day 3

Something You Wore

Yes it is the uber trendy Pandora bracelet and what every girls either has or wants to have.Usually, people love to wear lots of charms on their Pandora, but I have deliberately chosen to keep mine charm-free(well except for this one little owl which signifies wisdom and is synonymous with my name – how could I resist that one?), you will see why in a minute.I have worn this bracelet every single day for the past 2 years except the time when they needed to cut me open and advised me that apparently jewellery interferes with all that complex medical equipment. I think we will leave that for the  doctor types to explain.

This bracelet, to me is always a reminder of a truly special friendship. A friend who made me smile and look at the bright side during a very difficult phase in my life. Someone truly honest and genuine.Often, we may not speak for months on end, we may not even be vaguely aware of what is happening at the other end but I know we will always bond over an iced chocolate or the chillies in a burmese curry meal.I know that if I ever need to count on a friend, they will always be there and vice versa. Some friendships, like this bracelet, truly are beautiful in their simplicity.