Photo A Day May – My Shot ! Days 1 & 2

Posted on May 3, 2012


Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far !

 It just hit me yesterday, we are almost halfway through 2012 where did the months fly? Time just seems to steadily slip away and before I know it, another year will have passed unless ofcourse everything ceases to exist after 21st December 2012 as per the popular end of the world theory.

Come to think of it, there is so much to live,love, experience,explore and inhale in this life , I am yet to even make a dent in my bucket list.So many dreams to unravel, so much joy to be found.

As I contemplated the speed with which May had arrived, I also came across this very inspiring idea to make each day count a little. It is called Photo A Day May and the details can be found here. Basically, each day in this month has a particular theme and you capture a picture that symbolizes the day’s theme. It is a brilliant initiative to get those creative juices flowing along with sharing a little slice of life as we see it, with the rest of the world.

Before I reveal my shots for Days 1 & 2, I will just add that as much as I LOVE clicking pictures, I am no professional photographer and I don’t own a decent camera( although a new DSLR is on the mother’s day wish list ! Listening anyone ?! ).All pictures I share on my blog and the ones I will be sharing for Photo A Day May have been captured with the iPhone 4s and then edited using either Istagram or the Adobe Lite apps easily available on iTunes.

So here is a list of daily themes for Photo A Day May :

and now for the pictures :

Day 1


Yep , that’s my little FS2 posing with a peace sign !

Day 2


This is my beautiful city, Canberra.The view from my office this afternoon, an overcast sky and the clouds softly gracing the hills. HOW I captured this shot is another story altogether … put it this way, I lost my lunch to get this one !!

And although this next picture is not part of a theme, another beautiful shot of Canberra putting on a beaitiful autumn.

I will be making an effort to add a new shot everyday so do check back in again. I will also be updating our Facebook page (do “like” us on FB if you haven’t already!) and our twitter stream with the latest pictures.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts/comments on the pictures.

Have an inspired day/evening :)