Photo A Day May – My Shot ! Day 8…Smells and Secrets

Posted on May 8, 2012


If you have just tuned in to and would like to know what photo-a-day May is all about , please read my previous posts :

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So here is a list of daily themes for Photo A Day May :

Day 8

A smell you adore.

I have a lot of favourite smells so today’s decision was a difficult one but one I knew I had to make having missed yesterday’s shot. There’s the smell of coffee or the sweet fragrance of  something baking, the headiness of the smell of petrol or that soft mix of baby powder and head to toe baby bath when you hold a  newlyborn , just to name a few.

Decisions ! Decisions !

Finally I have decided to go with a fragrance that has now become my signature perfume.Ladies, this is definitely one for the wish list if you don’t already own a bottle. Sultry but not overbearing, sweet but not heady , a fragrance that defines classy and so very chic, you will have people asking you what you are wearing , I promise !

Ladies and Gentlemen , I give you my big secret :

Narciso Rodriguez – For Her

Over to you :What are some of your favourite smells ?  Have you ever used Narciso Rodriguez ?