Sorry, Closed Tonight – Currently Dreaming.

Posted on May 11, 2012


Hello All

I fell asleep while reading to the Fab 2 tonight. Around 11pm, I was suddenly and almost rudely awoken by the realisation that it was supposed to be a post night with a couple of a photo a day May posts overdue as well. As you can see , the Blogging Addiction shows no signs of  slowing down.

Somehow, I have lugged myself out of bed and here I am but only briefly. Clearly, the likes of late nights blogging, sleep deprivation and general motherhood induced exhaustion have caught up with me and my body is yelling out for a bit of recharging if I expect it to function somewhat normally.

To spare you from some utterly crappy post that I may come up with if I force myself to write and you feel obligated to like , it is with deep regret that I wish to advise you that Mumchic will remain closed tonight and undergo some much needed recuperation from bloggers burnout. I solemnly do promise to return wiser, funnier and somewhat less sleepier(if that is even possible but I like living in hope).

We will be back on board  tomorrow but until then if you would like a little fix of bloggy goodness, here are a couple of my favourite peeps and their recent posts :

Brazilia’s Most Popular Tourist by Skinny Cap Two Sugars

Changing the world by Five Second Rules

I just realised there is a common denominator in both the above posts, but I will let you figure that one out.

Have a great day/night wherever you are !

As for me, I will  now go back to dreaming ….mmm where’s my pillow ?