Photo A Day May – My Shot ! Day 15 …. LOVE

Posted on May 15, 2012


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So here is a list of daily themes for Photo A Day May :

Day 15


This past Mother’s Day, on our way home from lunch, the fab 2 and I took a short detour at our local shops to catch up on some weekly basics as you do commonly on a dreaded Sunday night. As we walked in, the boys noticed the array of Mother’s Day arrangements in the service area of  the supermarket.

FS 1 said, “We should buy you some flowers Mummy,”

FS 2 wasn’t far behind with his two cents, “Oh but I didn’t bring my wallet!”

Me, “That’s a really good idea Fs1 and FS2, we will buy some flowers on our way out”

And sure enough, once the milk,bread and eggs were done, they both remembered we had to buy flowers, I gave them a few minutes and a budget to work out what flowers they would like to buy me. Funny how things work sometimes, I was paying for my kids to buy flowers – for me . The idea of course was not the flowers nor the money, it was in nurturing the gesture and the thought that went into it.

They picked two bunches , one of white daisies and another of orange tulips. When we returned home, FS1 was very enthusiastic about arranging them in a vase for me. I helped trim the stems and offered to arrange them but turns our the plan was that the fab 2 wanted to “surprise me”  and asked me to leave the room.

A few minutes and cutely whispered conversations later, I was called back to beaming faces radiating with pride presenting me with :

To anyone else, an unruly, untidy , oddly arranged bouquet.

To me, plain and simple-


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