Let It Brew….Mumchic Reader Writes In.

Posted on May 17, 2012


As a writer, it is an absolute pleasure to learn that your words inspire your readers and generate a fresh stream of thought.But it is exhilarating to learn that a reader was so inspired by a recent post that they decided to write in to Mumchic themselves. It is at times like these when the entire Mumchic experience feels surreal, there really is no other way to describe it.

What  better way of saying thank you than to share with all of you what this wonderful reader and fan had to say.

Let It Brew

So the other day, Mumchic.com wrote a post about the ‘Road less traveled’  (Two Roads) and how things change when you do.

That got me thinking. When someone takes a non-conformist stance, what could be the genesis? Is it how an individual’s mental make up is? Is it born out of circumstances? Is it the power to think deeply and analyse that to not conform is more enriching, fulfilling in the long term – and hence entirely logical? How much of an outlier do you need to be to think outside the box? Is it a bit of all the above and more?
If you browse through the chapters of history, these non-conformists, these outliers were the ones that pushed humanity forward. They believed in an idea and they pursued it. Galileo did his math and said the earth was round, people laughed at the absurdity, the church punished him. But in due course of time, he left an undeniable legacy on science, the guys who laughed at him when he proposed his theory, they are dead, buried and long gone, they don’t own a page in the history books.
I hear a lot of my friends and acquaintances shoot down new ideas. Sometimes these ideas are their own. Although unfamiliarity does not logically imply impossibility, more often than not , ideas are shot down because we do not identify the depth of it. Call it laziness or being daft, we all do it from time to time.
I believe the genesis of non-conformity is having an idea and then not letting the fire die. Persistence is the key to reach the other end of the road , but you need to start somewhere to have a different end.
So the next time you have an absurd idea, give yourself 5 minutes. Let it brew. Hold it in your head for bit. Your never know, your life might change.
Brilliant thoughts ! Over to you all, have you had ideas that you initially thought were crazy but when you actually went through with them,the results turned out to be much better than you imagined?
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