Mumchic’s Rapid Fire! List upto top 5 reasons why you love chocolate?

Posted on May 23, 2012


Inspired by a recent blog post where the blogger initiated a discussion on where readers/bloggers were born and raised and where they were living now (the post can be found  here) , I thought why not have our own little rapid fire round here at Mumchic.

Today’s rapid fire question is :

List upto 5 reasons why you love chocolate.Less than 5 is fine too :) And which do you like best? Milk, Dark or White ?

Here are my answers:

Like all 3 but milk is my favourite.

1.Chocolate , especially dark chocolate is good for the heart and is a stress  buster – this has been scientifically proven. One sec (*sneaks a piece* – Hey I’m allowed, I just told you its healthy for you! )

2.Beautiful rich,texture and taste.

3.Aphrodisiac ! Seeee I knew that would wake you up and take notice !

4.Heartbreak? No problem! Chocolate to the rescue. Chocolate is the ultimate rescue err umm I mean comfort food.

5.That feeling of contentment. No matter how bad your day has been, somehow, chocolate and ONLY chocolate can make it better. ( Ok so reasons 1,3,4 & 5 are kind of related but you get the idea right?)

 And lest we forget, chocolates are also a symbol of love(after diamonds ofcourse ahem!). No wonder the Aztecs named them the “Food Of the Gods”.

Your turn ! 

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