Biryani Bliss.

Posted on June 4, 2012


One of the best things about belonging to a culture rich in history and heritage is also its tight association with heavenly food. Yep, the ancestors got the culinary bit right! Of course, in my perfect world, it would be wonderful to be able to cook up a wide variety of  Pakistani food every day but life tends to kick in and I find myself trying to pack a zillion things into 24 hours. Elaborate meals are not really an option mid-week.But Sundays are different..Sundays are blissful. I enjoy preparing a traditional Pakistani meal for the Fab 2 and I. Not only is it an induction of new and distinct flavours to their  palette, it is also a small window in to Pakistani culture and our roots.

Biryani is one such beautifully aromatic medley of flavors and spices – a complete delight to the senses. Apart from being a wedding reception signature dish especially up until the late 90’s, in a typical Karachi home, Biryani  is often a weekend mainstay and a definite brownie points winner.

Succulent pieces of  spiced and marinated meat(chicken,lamb,beef,fish,prawns) cooked to a balanced perfection ending up with the medium to slightly dry curry. The meat is then layered with par boiled basmati long grain rice, fried potato chunks, tomatoes, habanero chillies, mint leaves and fresh coriander. The layered dish is brought to steam over simmering heat, allowing the juices and  spices of the cooked meat to mingle with the the rice,fresh herbs, tomatoes and chillies.

Traditinally served with a salad of onions and tomatoes, lightly salted or tossed with a few drops of lemon, a dollop of yogurt and a beautiful chilli plum chutney (pictured).

In two words, Biryani Bliss.

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