Officially in love….with my GHD

Posted on June 7, 2012


Roughly two weeks ago, my GHD called it quits, I don’t even know exactly what happened but one Friday morning when I went to do my hair, it just would not turn on. Now, having been through a similar situation around the same time last year, the rate at which I reached a state of panic and despair was staggered. At least this time around, I had a plan, knew who to call and what to do to make a claim on its 2 year warranty. It is at moments like these when you are SO grateful to yourself for actually bothering with the online warranty registration.

Before I go any further and for the benefit of some men and possibly women who are wondering what  GHD is, it stands for “Good Hair Day” and is a brand of very good quality air straighteners. Salons swear by them and people, well lets just say the GHDs are making the world a better place…literally! So ladies, if you don’t own one already, its time to hassle the man in your life to buy you one – just paint him rosy pictures of  how pleasant you can actually be on days you are not having a bad hair day (noone’s saying you have to follow through, you can always find other things to be cranky about!!) and throw in a blurb about how after all it does stand for Good Hair Day and that would have to stand for something. Trust me, logic works with men. Agree guys?

But what do you do if there isn’t a logical and employed man in your life? Sigh I hate to break it to you ladies but looks like you will have to go the hard way and do what I did. SAVE. Yes, I saved all the $249 I paid for my GHD although at one stage I did consider a small personal loan or better yet, a stand  in logical and employed man. Nah! just kidding!

So yes, when your hard earned GHD straightener dies on you, the matter is never to be taken lightly. That is your blood, sweat and tears (or impeccable marketing and negotiation skills incase you were lucky to have the logical, employed dude) lying dead on on bathroom sink. The matter must be resolved.

Coincidentally(or maybe karma for some really really bad thing I had done to someone), the day my GHD died was also the day I was meant to be having dinner with my friends. Now I don’t do this very often, the going out with friends bit. But when I do, I like to look my decent self and call me vain but that is just next to impossible without my gorgeous gold GHD straightener. Close to cancelling the plan entirely, I managed to pull off the next best thing , I blow waved my hair.It wasn’t GHD perfect but it would have to do – for now.

Thus ensued 2 painful weeks, an endless, agonising wait and many mood swings. The Fab 2 copped it too and were probably left wondering what they had done wrong this time (besides being puzzled about why mummy’s hair looked so bad all the time these days- trust me little boys notice EVERYTHING – things change dramatically as they age but that subject is for another day).The initial few days, I was doing the whole blow wave thing but aside from being a major time leech, I was also not getting the results I wanted. So in effect I went from gorgeous, long ,flowy, celebtrity-ish sexy  GHD’d hair to blow waving to a ponytail and eventually to a roughly tied bun. The way I looked, scruffy and haggard, people at work couldn’t be blamed for thinking I was going through a rough patch in life. I felt angry and depressed , I wanted my GHD , I wanted it bad!

 See what I mean?

And then yesterday, it finally arrived. My replacement, brand new GHD gold styler which looks like this:

Isn’t she a beauty?

I cannot begin to describe the waves of relief that washed over me. And the sheer joy of beautiful, straightened hair this morning…unparallelled. You could blame me for being vain. You could banish me to that group of outcast candyfloss writers who can never write about anything of great significance. You could patronize me on having wasted $249 and you might say I am being self-indulgent.  The fact remains that I love how the GHD makes my hair look super chic. And chic is one thing  this mum ain’t giving up!

Therefore, I hereby happily declare myself , officially in love…with my GHD!

*Do you have a favourite beauty item that you simply can not function without?

Please note: This is not a paid or sponsored post, I truly do love owning a GHD.

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