All Wrapped Up In Love.

Posted on June 8, 2012


Teaching our children to do a few age appropriate tasks around the house as long as they are not exposed to any dangerous situations  is such great education in its own right. Apart from learning to be independent and self sufficient as they grow, they learn take ownership of their actions. By gently steering them along but allowing them to find a way through themselves, we help enhance their analytical, strategic and problem solving skills , perhaps at a very miniscule level but important life skills to have at any age nonetheless. We help them believe that they can be trusted which in turn builds their confidence and self-esteem.

A couple of weeks ago I taught FS1(that’s my eldest son if you have recently started reading mumchic) how to make a cup of simple, instant coffee for me. He has already been making himself hot chocolates in the coffee machine and 2 minute noodles in the microwave under supervision so I thought he was just about ready. Ofcourse, making a cup of coffee was easy enough and he picked it up straight away. Let me just say here, FS1 is the more empathic of my two sons. Perhaps he is that little bit older too now and therefore understands and can process emotions better than FS2. Off and on, he remembers that mum loves to have a coffee once all her “jobs” are done for the night so he might make me a cup and add, “come Mummy, you need to relax now,”


Today was a long day for me and I must have looked a bit weary to FS1 so when we finished dinner and as I wrapped up things around the kitchen,he started to refill the kettle.

“No FS1, please don’t make a coffee yet sweetheart, I have so many things to do still,”

He looked a bit sad and protested for a few off seconds but then got distracted and walked away. Aside from being able to do something nice for his mum, I think FS1 also feels that making a coffee is a very “big people”  thing to do. I have heard him brag about it to FS2 very matter of factly seeming as if he had been doing this for years,

 Soon,I finished all my “jobs” and jumped in for a quick shower. When I returned, here is what I found on my kitchen  counter :

The poor thing had gone ahead and made me a cup of coffee to drink later and was thoughtful enough to wrap it up well so it would stay warm for longer.

Now if that doesn’t bring tears to a mother’s eyes , what does? On a deeper note, my heart surges with pride to see my son taking on the very core values of care, kindness and respect which I have always tried to instill in my children. To me, this is a definite win

As for that coffee, it is indeed delicious, after all it is….. all wrapped up in love!

Over to you.. Have you as a child done something really kind for someone? Or do you know of a child who is big on kind gestures?

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