Too Hot To Handle!

Posted on June 21, 2012


Everyone has a calling but not everyone has a chilli calling.

When I was little I wanted to be a teacher until I landed a brief teaching stint at my old high school and witnessed first hand what raging hormones could do to perfectly innocent 14 year minds…and bodies. Needless to say, the idea was canned. Next I wanted to be a journo, I love reading, I love writing and I am good at finding things (yes ask around, there are some serious concerns around my severe spying instincts). Perfect skill set but unacceptable career choice ( You can read more about that here).

So I gave up the writing thing and did the IT thing instead. Isn’t that what everyone did in the late 90’s/early 2000’s ?A few years later, reality TV became a rage and with that came likes of reality cooking shows like My Kitchen Rules, Iron Chef and Masterchef. With my pretty fabulous culinary skills (yes even if I say so myself), you guessed it – I wanted to be a chef ! and though its not quite a restaurant or a cafe, I do serve up some pretty special food here at Mumchic HQ as featured here and there on the blog as well.

I enjoy experimenting with various cuisines, recipes and introducing fresh flavours to our menu. Some say I might be spoiling the fab 2 with so much variety but to me, it means I am exposing them to myriad cultures through their taste buds. How often is it that we find ourselves curious about a country and its culture because we have tasted their food. Being a foodie is an education itself you see!

We at mumchic HQ like a bit of bite in our food barring FS2 who is only just learning to enjoy the kick. I have used all types of chillies in my cooking over the years –  jalapeno, bullet, bird’s eye, bell pepper, serrano and cayenne to name a few. But a month or so ago, I discovered an untested chilli – the habanero. Originating from Mexico and dating back to 6500 BC, habanero chillies as I have swiftly discovered over the past month, pack quite a punch. There is no way you can comfortably bite into these chillies like you would say the less potent anaheim. There are definitely not a salad or a garnishing chilli. But add one of these beauties to the final stages of your curry and you may just be taking your masterpiece to a whole new level of flavour and zing. I wouldn’t recommend adding any more than one habanero per dish that serves 4-6 otherwise you would kill the flavours it brings out. Infact even if you do like a bit of heat, I strongly suggest maybe adding half a habanero to start with – yes indeed as the title suggests, it is too hot too handle….  and we don’t want you looking like this !

like some water?

me, I have decided that from now on, Habanero is my chilli calling and I will be finding ways to incorporate them in my everyday cooking. Who knows, I might have the next tobasco in my hot little hands!

Over to you; have you ever tried a really hot chilli ? Do you have a favourite ?

P.S – Did you know ? Chillies in moderate quantities is actually good for you !

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