Something Lovely, Something Inspiring.

Posted on June 23, 2012


Last weekend I had two wonderful bloggers nominate me for a couple of Lovely and Inspiring Awards, this is my acceptance post.

So here’s a shout out to Ramsha over at The Penguine And The Machine for awarding mumchic with the above award. Thankyou !!!

Please do check out Ramsha’s blog, I absolutely LOVE the way she spins magic with words and photos :)

And my next shout out goes to Jennifer Owenby at Jen’s Thoughts for awarding mumchic with the Inspiring Blog Award. Jen is a wonderful and inspiring author and blogger, please check her blog out! Thankyou so much Jen :)

To accept the awards (I am combining the two), I am to share 7 facts about myself so here we go!

1. My favourite colour is purple.
2. I love details.
3. I talk… A LOT!
4. I am the eldest of three siblings.
5. I trip and I trip a lot! Especially when I am thinking of something else…so yep many an  elbow scrapes and knee bruises here.
6. I truly believe that hardwork and perseverance pay off.
7. I read magazines back to front.

And now the nominations, I am to nominate 15 blogs for each award but I will be cheeky and nominate 5 of my favourites for each award so here goes !

One Lovely Blog Award – and the nominees are :

Coco J Ginger Says
Lou Lou Loves
Riddle in nine syllables
Susartandfood’s blog
Peri’s Spice Ladle

Inspiring Blog Award – and the nominees are :

Everyday Underwear
Bucket List Publications
Subhan Zein

Congratulations you all, you are all indeed so lovely and inspiring :))

And now a quick shout to all these awesome bloggers I love to read and are definitely worth checking out !

Skinny Cap Two Sugars
Gary Lum
Know The Sphere
Photo Botos
You’ve Been Hooked
Frugal Feeding
Jen’s Thoughts
The Penguine And The Machine
Five Second Rules
Healthy Kids Happy Mamma
@ Grumpy Comments

And there we have it, lots and lots of blogger love to go around – I have tried to include everyone I regularly read and enjoy reading but if I have missed anyone, I do apologise . Thanks once again Ramsha and Jen for thinking me worthy :)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone !

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