In Transit.

Posted on July 1, 2012


I love transits. Stopping over in a previously unknown destination, spending a few hours experiencing its distinct culture, taking away with me a small piece of some new place. Learning that can only ever be inspired from travel. If you are lucky enough to have a couple of days in transit, that’s even better! But not all transits are the same.Some feel excruciatingly long when all you want to do is be home and stretch out in your own bed, not some uncomfortable, bony seat in the transit lounge of a country you won’t remember the next day.

So what happens when your entire life becomes a transit? Do you embrace each day for all it brings? Or does your quest for the best in normal make you feel anxious and exhausted-everyday?

My life has been in one such long, painful transit for a while now. The decisions and choices leading up to this transit were/are my own and I have no regrets about them. And I am also aware that what to me feels like transit is for a lot of people normal and perfect. Am I then being ungrateful? Perhaps I am. Let me explain.

I have 2 beautiful children, a job that sustains us, a loving family(albeit geographically removed). I would never be classified as rich but we have a reasonable lifestyle and I do my best to provide for the Fab 2. All things to be very grateful for.Yet, in myself I am scattered, my energies furiously focussed on how I can make things better, normal. Oddly enough, the “one day” seems to hold much more promise than the “right now”. Thus stems the feeling that our life is in a constant state of transit. This phase is like a bridge I need to cross to be able to get home. But I am tired. I am human.

I often wonder.

Is there really ever a normal or is normal just a never ending futile search? You decide.

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