That Time Of The Year.

Posted on July 11, 2012


It is that time of the year for me.

Once, every year round about the same time, I find myself deeply immersed in excel spreadsheets, pens, highlighters, pretty colored sticky flags and a calculator. I work weekends, late week nights, from home..sounds fun right? Heck, even when I am not working, I am dreaming of trial balances and reconciling figures to a general ledger in my brain.

EOFY! or commonly known as End Of Financial Year – every accountant’s nightmare , every auditor’s dream. So come 30 June every year when everyone else is shopping their hearts out at the stocktake sales, us accountants pour our heart,soul and (umm do tears count?) tears on to our spreadsheets – Ok fine! So I snuck in a ┬ácouple of handbags at the sales , big deal! one of them was down from unaffordable $99 to totally should not be given up $34.95. That too a Charlie Brown. Ah I knew you’d reason with me when you heard that.

Amidst all that fascinating number matching, forecasting, budgeting and reporting, (no really it is fascinating!) referencing, referencing more (public service perks I tell you), who in their right mind would have the time to write a blog? Yes indeedy, it is after all TTOTY.

Thus the relative silence from my end of late. Like every year, I hope that I will survive EOFY unscathed, like every year, I am wrong. I am already feeling mentally taxed and looking tired and worn out. I simply cannot wait for it all to be over. Sigh..

But but but, the exciting part is that this year it will be over for me sooner than you think. Infact, we are talking hours….aha! curious aren’t you ?

Stay tuned for the next post, it will be much more thrilling than an accountant’s jargon, I promise !

Have a good one :)

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