Notes From Pakistan – Ghar Ka Aloo Ka Paratha.

Posted on July 22, 2012


ghar – home; the embodiment of love, happiness, togetherness and family.

aloo ka paratha – home made Pakistani style flat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes.

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A trip to Pakistan is officially incomplete if you haven’t had a traditional Pakistani breakfast. It could be the quintessential roadside Halwa Puri or a more simple home made chaai (strongly brewed milky tea) and paratha (thick rolled flat bread). But when you are looking for a bit more grandeur in your breakfast, Aloo Ka Paratha is a quite a sensual delight. Two thinly roughly rolled parathas stuffed with a spicy potato and onion mix , roasted to a light crisp on a flat griddle with a generous spread of oil on both sides. Eaten warm with a dollop of yogurt and home-made mango pickle.

Indeed, its best to forget the word “calories” when you visit Pakistan. 

Yum !

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