Guest Blog – Life Is A Work Of Art By Lucy Curtis

Posted on July 31, 2012


Today, I would like to introduce you all to a dear friend and often to me personally, an anchor, Lucy Curtis. I was thrilled when Lucy told me that she was training to be a Life Coach and would be starting a blog soon. I was even more thrilled when she agreed to do a guest spot on Mumchic.

Lucy exudes warmth and compassion as a person, she possesses an innate capability to listen and comprehend. All excellent attributes to have as a life coach. I wish you, Lucy nothing but the best in your new ventures. 

Over to you.

Life Is A Work Of Art

Life has been your art. You have set yourself to music. Your days are your sonnets. – Oscar Wilde

Life is an art. And you are the artist. – Anonymous

I very much like Shakti Gawain’s ‘Your Life as Your Work of Art’. I am the artist and my life is my own distinct work of art – a way of opening life to living the best way I can, the way I choose; with creativity, imagination and authenticity. Alongside living with clearly defined values and a philosophy of life, I easily experience a clear life direction and a sense that all parts of my life are ‘in sync ‘, melding together effortlessly, just like an amazing artwork hanging in a gallery.

My ‘life’s artwork’ holds many associations, complexities and depths, as does my life. It has colours, textures and forms that are constantly in flux; flowing and floating like cloud shapes across the sky. My life isn’t unusual, it involves family and friends, work and worries, but the choices and direction I take involve authentic choices and the direction I take means a new form, new colour, and new texture emerges in my ‘life’s artwork’ as parts of my life unfold before me.

To begin Your Life as Your Work of Art, put up your canvas and easel:

Observe your life: Put yourself in the role of observer or witness to your life and look at how you live your life from a new viewpoint. This is the beginning of making Your Life Your Work of Art. As you discover what truly matters to you or ‘where your compass is pointing’ in your life, you will know the beginning key strokes of your artwork.

Create your life: Start to add meaningful pieces into your life, little by little. Once you understand what is imperative in your life’s artwork, you can start to include these in your life. Maybe you feel very strongly about animal welfare, so begin to donate to a charity or volunteer time or energies to a local animal shelter. Using imagination and meaningful actions to your life’s artwork will make it more real and evocative for you.

Authenticate your life: Are there parts of your life that feel as though they don’t fit? Pinching like a pair of ill-fitting shoes? Do you put up with the feelings of discontent, restlessness or low level anger? Perhaps ignoring the feelings or hoping they will change, or just living day by day; merely existing? Is this dimension of your life’s art not authentic or real for you? Changing the focus, the choices or the application of parts of your life that are not your ‘fit’ can shift your life’s towards more meaningful and purposeful life.

Imagine your life: Can you imagine your life to be different? Can you live your life in another way? Can your life be something new and original? Can you follow your heart’s direction and what truly matters to you, rather than following the ‘trends’ of the moment or pop culture? Living our lives in your own way takes boldness and imagination; mixing the colours on your own canvas to create a unique colour, taking risks with new forms, images and textures. Your life’s art can be as exciting and individual as you wish; it is your life, your work.

To live Your Life as your Work of Art is a dynamic, inspiring, ever-evolving process. Living your life with purpose, clarity and direction brings a richness, authenticity and sense of ‘rightness’ that a life without a centre can never realize. By bringing creativity, imagination and authenticity into your life’s work, you have the capability of creating a life of Colour and Light, a life of your choosing, a life that is ‘just right’ for your own individual Life Work of Art.

By Lucy Curtis
Lucy is a teacher, trainer and (beginning) Life Coach based in Australia.

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Reference: Gawain, Shakti. Creative Visualisation; Use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life. Nataraj Publishing, 1978.

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