Friday Night In – Home Made Popcorn And The Movies!

Posted on September 7, 2012


Home-made popcorn reminds me of my childhood, back when microwave popcorn was a luxury we couldn’t afford, let alone a microwave. My mum would make us freshly popped corn, lightly salted and so delicious. There were three of us siblings so the popcorn would be carefully and equally divided into three bowls as a post school afternoon snack, any extra in any one person’s bowl was like a free ticket to fightsville! I now wonder if mum ever had any for herself, I don’t remember a bowl for her. To this day, home popped corn is a tradition in my family home back in Karachi, Pakistan. You will find mum’s pantry stocked with the microwaveable kind but everyone still prefers the freshness and flavour of home popped. Old habits die hard I suppose.

Speaking of traditions, we love our Friday nights in! Time to break out of the mundane routine, no swimming or tae kwon do to race to, no uniforms to iron, no missing sock to find, no homework to complete and no lunches to pack. An evening to do exactly as we please. Over the years, the Fab 2 and I have established a Friday night family tradition of sorts to mark the end of what is usually a grueling week. Dinner is usually scrumptious Nachos with the works ( recipe and pictures here) followed by a dvd(or two) and big bowls of home made popcorn to go around .Tonight was no different !

These healthy, beautiful, fluffy kernels can be yours and once mastered, you will never buy microwave popcorn again. It takes a few gos but the results are YUM, the best part is, you know exactly what you are putting in ! Read on to find out how:

Home Made Popcorn

You will need :

  • 1 large sized heavy pot/dutch oven with a lid
  • 1/2 cup of corn kernels
  • 1 tsp salt levelled
  • 1/4 cup canola oil ( add a tbsp of pure butter for a richer, buttery taste)

Next :

  • You will need your pot to be well heated before you add the oil.
  • Add salt and corn kernels, stir with a wooden spoon so the kernels are well coated with oil and salt.
  • Cover with a heavy lid allowing just a little steam to escape and the kernels start to turn brown.
  • Cover fully once  kernels begin to pop.
  • Periodically shake the pot bewteen pops.
  • Once the popping slows down, turn heat off and slowly remove the lid to allow excessive steam to escape.
  • Season (if needed) and serve .

Witness your popcorns vanish right before your eyes.

Over to you

Did/Does your family have a Friday night tradition you love?

Which type of popcorn do you prefer? Home popped or microwaveable?

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