Rough And Tumble

Posted on September 16, 2012


Today I am linking up with a wonderful blog I have only started reading recently. My Mummy Daze hosts a special segment every Sunday called “Windows Of Happiness” where we recollect a moment, a photograph or a thought that has made us happy in the past week. Here’s mine;

Last Saturday was the first weekend of spring and with the temperature looming around 18-20 mark the Fab 2 were thrilled to be able to wear their shorts and short sleeved tees after a winter of multi-layering although with our holiday, we did get away with spending the worst of Canberran winter in Pakistan’s warm July!

Give a pair of brothers a soccer ball and let them go, the result … a lot of brotherly rough and tumble and heaps of photography practice for mum.

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My precious sons, happy, smiling :) I cannot think of a better highlight for my week.

What has been the highlight in your life in the past week ?

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