Cinnamon Scrolls – Warm, Delightful, Divine -To Die For.

Posted on October 28, 2012


Have you always wanted to try those complex start from scratch cinnamon scroll recipes but find the entire process too daunting? Well I was the same. Yes , me of all people can you believe it? I LOVE cooking and even I found it all a bit overwhelming. So all this time I have resorted to a rather simpler and quicker recipe (read : cheated). The result good but nothing extraordinary. Then I chanced upon this brilliantly explained recipe by The Pioneer Woman.  She is amazing and makes it all sound so easy! I knew I HAD to try these and thus began my mission to brave cinnamon scrolls right from scratch. I can tell you this, if the process overwhelms you a bit , it might be worth preparing the dough a day in advance and maybe halving the recipe to start off with. That way, on baking day, the process is a lot simpler and there’s not a lot of waiting around for the dough to rest and rise and sweat and all that other complex baking stuff. The results though are so divine and worth every second of that waiting time. If you are feeling generous and end up sharing these with people, you might find that over time you have developed a cult of devout followers who will lap up every expert tip you dish out. Achieving cinnamon scrolls from scratch to perfection is an esteemed status you and kind of makes you look and feel like a Martha Stewart in the making.

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Without further adieu, here’s the link ;

Warm, delightful and oozing with a yummy buttery,sugary cinnamon centre drizzled with a generous dose of maple frosting, these cinnamon scrolls truly are to-die-for :)

Happy Baking!

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