Me? A Star? I suppose I could handle that.

Posted on November 16, 2012


Hello hello and Happy Weekend to you all. Yes folks, I am still around. It has just been a busy few months for us here but I haven’t forgotten you all and if you follow Mumchic on Facebook then I guess you sort of know what I have been up to as well. What did you say? You don’t follow us on Facebook ? Are you serious? Have you even heard of social media? You have! Oh Phew… got me worried there for a minute! Anyhow, if Facebook is your cup of tea, do drop by and say hello, I would love to have you there :)


Right, that was the shameless self promotion segment of this post! Oh wait , here’s part 2.

You know me, I’ve always had a bit of a thing about being a celebrity one day. I am dramatic enough. Apparently. So when I was recently asked to be interviewed by , can you imagine the stir it caused here at Mumchic HQ? The wonderful folks at EVI Exclusive promoted the interview as an exclusive with the “star” behind Mumchic.

Me? A Star? I suppose I could handle that!

Here’s the interview, I would be thrilled to hear your thoughts.What other questions would you have asked me ?

Am I star enough?

Have a lovely weekend everyone and stay tuned, my next post includes a video, it will be the worth the wait, I promise!



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