You know you love your children unconditionally when….

Posted on December 1, 2012


You know you love your children unconditionally when after a harrowing and distressful ( the tear your hair and have a complete meltdown kind) morning just before getting to school, you still spend the day thinking of them and feeling guilty for yelling at them.  You know you love your children unconditionally when after a hectic and busy week, you get to have a  well-deserved break while they visit their father. Instead of kicking back and relaxing the down time, you end up talking about them and sharing some of their funniest moments with a friend.

It breaks my heart each time I  have to let them go. It has been two years, it is never easy. I can only imagine how they must feel, split between two homes.I blame myself at times for stealing away from them a chance at a “conventional” childhood. For choosing a path which will always be harder. But I hope that one day they will understand why I did what I did. I hope that that is  the day they realise how unconditionally I have loved them.

raising two boys


How about you ? When do you love your child/loved ones unconditionally?

Happy weekend all :)


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