A Note To My Children.

Posted on December 20, 2012


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My dearest, precious sons; my fabulous 2,

I am sorry I had a meltdown today. I apologise that I was in tears on our ride to school. Instead of the usual positive affirmations followed by humming to your favourite songs, I felt upset and angry. I could tell you felt sad as you walked away from the car this morning, so did I.

I know that you are tired and ready for a break. This term at school in particular has been long especially this week and the hotter days haven’t helped either.I know that you are extra sensitive about the smallest things and with the buzz, excitement and anticipation of the holidays around the corner, it can all get a bit too overwhelming. I want to magically make it all okay for you. Only if.

I wonder if you have noticed…

My nerves have been frayed for a few weeks now , I am anxious, stressed and I too like you am ready for a break. Perhaps that is why sometimes I seem less patient than usual. Bear with me.

I know you think I am super mum, the person who is always in control, calm and strong. The one person who is supposed to make it all perfect.I promise you I am trying.. so very hard to make it all perfect for you.

But I have my moments. Like you, I am tired too.

Today, you are too little to understand but I hope that someday you will look back and appreciate the little thoughts and gestures that went into raising you. I hope that you will see the challenges and the sacrifices. There will be a time when the “nos” make perfect sense.

At many points in life, I may stop you, reprimand you or correct you. I may even do things that embarrass you. You might not think much of me when I do so but I promise you, it is not because I want to hurt your feelings or that I love you any less, it is because I love you more than anyone else ever will.

After all, you are the only ones who know what my heart sounds like from inside.

I Love You,


{Too often, we are so caught up in making everything right for everyone else especially over the festive period, we forget to take care of ourselves  and we  might end up being harsh on those we love the most. This post is also dedicated  to everyone out there who is feeling the stress and anxiety of the season. Step back, breathe, take a momentary break if you can  and start afresh when you are ready. And that is exactly what I am going to be doing this weekend}

P.S – With 5 days left till Christmas, do not underestimate the power of listing, it works!

How are you coping with the stresses that come along with the festive season? How much shopping do you still need to do before Tuesday?

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