The Day The World Didn’t End.

Posted on December 23, 2012



The day the world didn’t end

Putting the Mayans and their miscalculations aside for a bit, the whole end of the world shebang gave people a reason to host end of the world parties, get married, make babies even! Heck one of the many online shopping sites I subscribe to  even had an end of the world sale. I am a shopaholic, the word “sale” is like gospel to me. But even I didn’t find that amusing. I mean why would I need a portable power pack for $199 if the world was about to end anway?!?

the end of the world


Go figure!                                                                                                                 

Well looks like we have  well and truly survived this apocalypse, congratulations! I must admit that while I had been skeptical about the whole thing from the start, a little voice in me did say a silent prayer of gratitude for being alive when I opened my eyes this morning. With the 21/12/12 end of the world theory out of the way, a lot of people have turned their focus towards how the world has entered an era of peace and tranquility. Amen to that.

And that is enough from me on the subject. I will leave you with a beautiful shot from this afternoon ; The Sun embraces the Earth as it has every single day for 4.54 billion years (thankyou Wiki).

The day after….

The day the world didn’t end.

Sunset Canberra

(There are more pictures to come from today’s photography session, stay tuned!)

What were your thoughts on the world end scare? Did you half expect something drastic or dramatic to happen on 21/12/12 ?

Location : Red Hill Lookout – Canberra Australia 

Camera : Iphone 4S

Photography : Yours Truly


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