Entertaining Made Simple And Delightful by Baker’s Delight.

Posted on December 24, 2012


And here it is! Christmas Eve is finally upon us and after weeks of preparation, intense shopping sprees, present buying dilemmas, numerous trips to the post office and evenings spent wrapping presents. A couple of posts ago, we talked about how the lead up to Christmas can be a busy and anxious time for many families( here is the post if you would like to read more) but now that the more complex bit is over,  everyone gets a chance to relax and spend some much needed quality time with the family and loved ones.

Christmas and the holidays also mean there is a lot of entertaining to be done often with friends and family visiting from interstate, overseas or even those who drop around for a cuppa and if you are anything like me, you like to have a delicious spread to share with everyone. But even the most passionate of chefs sometimes need a break and that is where the simply delightful Baker’s Delight steps in. Their delectable Christmas range takes the stress out of ensuring that there’s always something special to share around.

With Christmas now just hours away, if you find yourself in a last minute frenzy about putting together a decent spread or just need something for the family to nibble on with their first cup of tea or coffee on Christmas morning, Baker’s Delight have got you covered! These yummy treats were kindly sent to us from the wonderful folks at Baker’s Delight and are sure to spark some entertaining inspiration :)

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First up is this rich, dark and moist  Christmas Cake, generously dowsed in glazed cherries, sultanas and currants. Full marks for taste, texture and presentation. This cake comes in a small individual serve style or a large (enough to serve 8-10).

Fruit mince pies by bakers delight

Next are these absolutely delicious Fruit Mince Pies , the pastry is a perfect blend of buttery and flaky and I love the warmly spiced fruit mince mixture. I love mine slightly warmed up in a snack oven and they go really well with a hot cup of coffee to balance out the sweetness… although being a sweet tooth, I could have them just about any time! Sold as individuals or in a pack of 6, also a great gift to bring around if you are going to a Chrissy do.


Baker's delight lemon and cream cheese swirl

Next in line are the very divine lemon and cream cheese swirl and scrolls from Baker’s Delight’s brand new Lemon And Cream Cheese range. These are completely wow and are sure to impress the most fussiest eaters. There is a hint of nutmeg and lemon zest  and the cream cheese icing compliments the soft buttered bread swirls. Comes in a beautifully presented pull-apart or individual serves.

So that’s all your sweets sorted!

Now lets throw together some easy-peasy savoury ideas.

Canapes are always a hit. How about dishing up a plate of crackers individually topped with :

  • a slice of cheese
  • a small slice of tomato
  • a slice of olive


You could  do up little pizza slices, these are a sure fire hit with the younger lot. Keep it simple with a pre-prepared pizza base and relatively readily available toppings such as :

  • Sun dried tomatoes
  • Pineapple chunks
  • Olives
  • Mushrooms
  • Meat of your choice

Use a pizza wheel to cut into two-bite squares.

Plus I have never known an adult who could refuse pizza.


Bread and Dip is a winner.

How about an  artisan bread like a olive and fetta loaf paired with a gourmet dip like Babaganoush?

For those watching their waistlines and to add a splash of colour to the table , how about a cheese,olives and fruit platter. Watermelon and mangoes are hugely popular with everyone at this time of the year here in Australia!

So there we have it, fret no more and head over to your local Baker’s Delight store and let them take care of all your Christmas entertaining needs.

Do you have a special Christmas  recipe that you’d like to share with our readers? Feel free to share the link in the comments section!

Signing off for now but I will be back later today to bring you some special wishes from Mumchic HQ.

{This is not a paid endorsement for Baker’s Delight, however products were provided for review purposes}

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